03 April 2007

Kingdom Hearts

When Kingdom Hearts first came out, I didn't really know much about it. The only real thing I knew about it was that it was Squaresoft and Disney working on a project together. Now, I had played some Squaresoft games before and I really enjoyed them, but I was kind of iffy on the whole Disney portion of the project. After it had been out for awhile, I started hearing great stuff about it, especially from my neighbor/"brother", Paul. He owned the game and let my brother and I borrow it.

It was amazing.

In some ways, it is a button masher, but that's okay. To fight, you use the X button to hit your enemies but you can use combos and even magic by using the other buttons. The storyline keeps you intrigued as well, for it has many twists and turns. Even though there are many Disney characters in the game, they actually help the plot along instead of hindering it.

The synopsis of the game is that you play a 14-year-old boy named Sora. He lives on an island called "Destiny Islands" with his two friends Riku and Kairi. One night, his world is torn apart as these small (and one very large) dark creatures, called "Heartless" attack and destroy his world. He is seperated from both Riku and Kairi. The only way he can defend himself against the Heartless is by a large key that appears in his hand.

At the same time, in Disney Castle, King Mickey has gone missing leaving behind a mysterious note. Queen Minnie sends the Court Magician, Donald, and the Captain of the Guard, Goofy, to find "the one who bears the key".

They all meet at "Traverse Town", a place where many whose homes have been destroyed by the Heartless end up. From there, upon the Gummi Ship that Donald and Goofy have brought from Disney Castle, they go to other worlds, stopping the Heartless as they go along.

I very throughly enjoyed this game. I even got to the end boss, but before I could defeat it, Paul took the game back. (Oh woe is me).

Anyways, long story short, this is a great game that every RPG/Disney/Squaresoft lover should play. The story is great, the voice acting is grea, the graphics are great, the battle system is great....two thumbs up from me.

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