28 February 2007


I decided that, before I post any more of my book reviews, I should probably explain what I put in my posts so that you can understand some of the random things that are in my book reviews. I think I'm going to have a basic layout for all of my reviews. This one is really good 'cause I got it from my Young Adult Lit teacher. Anyways, here we go:

Title and Author Basically that's it. I just write the title of the book and the author of the book. If it's a collection of stories, it'll be the name of the person that collected them.

Publisher This will the publisher of the book that I'm using. This will come in handy with you so if you wanna look the book up and read it.

Year The latest copywrited year as mentioned in the book.

Gentre What genre the book is in.

I.L This stands for "Interest Level". Basically, here is where I'll put what grade levels would be most intersted in the book. I will either grade it on my own thiniking or get it from a book that has them listed.

Pages How many pages are in the book (story only).

Synopsis The main story of the play. For my class I have to give the entire story but for this I'll only do a teaser. Also, I'm just going to focus on the main story, not all the little rabbit trails that the author may chase after.

Evaluation of the Work as Literature Here is where I will get technical. I'll be evaluating one of the items, which I don't have on me right now, of the work and basically giving my opinion about it.

Personal Comments Finally, this is basically where I get to rant about the book. Yay for ranting.

Well, that's the explination of how I'll be writing book reviews. I have five done so sometime I'll get them posted. I'll have another five more done in about 2 weeks so you'll get to read about those as well. Please remember that these are all young adult books, meaning that they should be appealing for people from the ages of 12-18.

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