17 September 2007

Return to Auschwitz

Return to Auschiwitz by Kitty Hart
Stratford Press
I.L. 9th and up
173 pages

I. Synopsis- Kitty Hart was a young girl living in Bielsko when World War II broke out. They were sent to a ghetto where they escaped from with fake papers. They tried to go to Russia but couldn’t make it across the river before the Russians started shooting at them. They went to many other places before ending up at Auschwitz where they would stay. Only her mother and her were there as her brother had gone to join the rebel forces and her father stayed behind with some friends. She was very lucky for her mother and her both got pretty easy jobs, thus extending their lives and making it so that they were very rarely threatened with the gas chambers. They lost track of time until Auschwitz shipped them out near the end of the war so that they could destroy the compound and leave no evidence behind that it existed. They finally had to go on a death march where they didn’t know it would end.

II. Evaluation of Work as Literature-
Point of View- The point of view in this book was first person as Hart was relating the events that happened to the reader. It works very well since she is the one that went through it, it is very good that she tells it in her own words.

III. Personal Comments- I liked the meaning of the book and it made me feel bad for the Holocaust, but the one big thing that bugged me was that she jumped around so much and she would break the action to start ranting on a soapbox. What she really needed to do was to just pick a way to lay it out and then stick to it. The title is misleading as only one chapter is about her going back to the concentration camp.

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